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August 19, 2006



Hey Bill

Love the blog. In the learning department, what with a long commute along that Motorcross circuit they call I-84, listening to the CDs that you 'equip' me with is a great way to learn. Then, having spent the journey there listening, I can spend the journey back thinking - and of course avoiding that crazy person in the left hand lane who suddenly decides to exit. Don't you use indicators in this country?? Still, I should take heed of last week's Calvary Hartford message - love everyone else, even if they make you swerve to avoid em!

Doug Rasku

Hey Bill,
Glad to see I have one more blog to look at! Seriously, I'll look forward to the insight. We just got settled in here in Atlanta as we continue to pray about God's direction for us. Talk to you soon.

Bill LaMorey

Prayers are with you as you discover what's next.
Here in the colonies we believe turn signals are optional (which really drives me crazy!!!)

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