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September 20, 2006


C. Stirling Bartholomew

Secular horror did a job on me when I was 12 years old. It was On The Beach (movie and novel) along with the race for the H-Bomb and a father working on delivery systems for the same (MinuteMan). And then it was Barry McGuire Eve of Destruction, which summarized the world view I had already adopted.

jason berggren

I can hear the music now if a folk/acoustic style (which seems odd when considering the lyrics):

"It's too late to change your mind,
You've been left behind..."

john umland

which brethren church was that? the one in groton that i grew up in?
God is good

Bill LaMorey


No this one was in Hollywood, FL. We moved there from CT when I was 9 years old. So did you watch the movies too?!?

john umland

so long ago, i don't even remember it. is it worse or better than Lahaye's Left Behind movie?

Bill LaMorey

I'd have to say it's better, mainly because I feel that the "Left Behind" crew BLEW IT! With all the books they sold they really should have pushed for a big-budget movie with A-list actors. Made-for-tv movies have better quality than LB!


Whoa. I saw this movie at about the same age you did. I seem to remember there was a kind of "Christian B-movie drama" genre produced for churches to screen at their Sunday evening service. And yes, it was horrifying. Not as moving as Blackula, though. Thanks for taking me back to Willow Rancho Baptist, squirming in a hard-back pew on a hot Sacramento summer night in the 1970's.

mark Rodriguez

dude those movies screwed me up... i was like 8 when i saw them the first time... I would wake up every day in the middle of the night and make sure my family hadn't been raptured... lol...

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