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September 12, 2006



Matt Chandler-BOLD

mark Rodriguez

Bill my friend you are taking the blogging world by storm....

Man... You're making veteran blogger's like me look bad...

I enjoy reading your stuff... keep it up...

the only thing is that since your middle column is so narrow... your post seem really long...

That can discourage people like me... just my 2ยข...

Bill LaMorey - Funny

Bill LaMorey


I appreciate your vote of confidence, but I humbly acknowledge my rank-amateur status as a blogger. I agree about the column size. Do you know the best way to correct this in Typepad? Do I need to pick a different layout or is there any easy way to adjust the column size?

mark Rodriguez

hey I was excited about buying a T-Shirt what happened... um... no you need to change your layout... template...


Bill LaMorey


The shirt is a no-go...thanks for your willingness to help!!

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