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September 22, 2006


Bob Franquiz

That's what she said!!


Forgive me for missing the obvious: who are these guys?

Bill LaMorey

It's part of the cast from the show "The Office." I have to warn you, the show is politically INCORRECT (which to me is it's beauty) and dares go where no sitcome has gone before. It's based on an English show of the same title, and carries much of the English humor sensibilities. Disclaimer: It is VERY funny (probably the funniest show I've seen on television), but potentially offensive.

Luke Layow

Michael Scott is my hero...simply because he has not been fired for his outlandish behavior. "That's what she said."

jared hales

i know this is an old post, but i just saw it and had to comment. this season has started off great. the gaydar device jim sent to dwight was hilarious. too bad my small group meets every thursday (looks at luke). thankfully, i've been recording them on the DVR.

Bill LaMorey


What a shining example that you still attend a small group despite it being on the same night as "The Office"!!! :)


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