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October 22, 2006


Jeff Thompson

Great concept! It's really cool because it allows people to quickly turn the message into a personal devotion and access the main points without having to search through an audio file...

Bill LaMorey

Thanks Jeff! You got the idea...we'll see if it takes off!


I totally identify with your first paragraph.

Bill LaMorey


Thanks, it is very encouraging to know I'm not alone on that!

alisa leahy

you had some serious "rama" (spelling?) going on during yesterdays service. I like this recap-because sometimes-it goes in one ear and out the other. Thanks

Bill LaMorey

It's rhema. Thanks for the comments; I'm glad you find this helpful. -Bill

Carla Brooks

Sunday was my first time hearing your service. I was left with questions. (Always wanting more - which is a good thing.) My biggest question was determining the difference between 'Rhema' and the devil. For the obvious sins it's easy to tell, but for guidance sometimes it's not clear. The devil is very talented, and like he did for Eve sometimes he can tell you it’s what God wants and we innocently try to please God. If your advice is then to go to the Logos, as you know it is so hard. The Bible is not only difficult but so often misinterpreted.

Bill LaMorey


Great question. Satan is a great counterfeiter; it's what he is best at. Sometimes his handiwork looks VERY authentic. I think one of the keys to discerning between his and God's voice is getting a tight grip upon and great familiarity with the logos (written word). That way we can instantly discard anything that clearly contradicts that. And yes, the Bible, can be confusing and unclear on some things, but it is very clear on a lot of issues; and that can help affirm or filter out many things.

I think the answer is also found largely in next week's topic...prayer. I believe if we earnestly seek God He will not hide Himself or His will from us. So we ought to spend prayer time when we lack clarity -time petitioning Him for guidance and time just spend listening. He will speak...eventually. "Jesus said "My sheep hear my voice." Check out Jeremiah 29:11-13.

I hope I didn't leave you with even more questions!!!

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