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October 23, 2006


Jeff Thompson

I lived in Vancouver, Canada for 5 years and would head once a week to go boarding. It's one of the greatest hobbies you can have because it's genuinely enjoyable even if you go by yourself. It relieves stress and gives you an incredible feeling of freedom. It's a great way for a pastor to clear his mind!

Helpful hints - learn to stop FIRST (just turn your board horizontal to the slope and lean back, digging your heels into the snow) and learn to carve second. Your ankles will hurt like heck the first few times as the movement of carving is all about shifting balance. Also invest in some good boarding pants (they should be padded) and try to learn in powder, not semi-melted, icy snow that will break your butt when you fall.

You will LOVE snowboarding - gaurenteed.

Bill LaMorey


Thanks for the helpful hints. I have a great idea...since I'm fairly certain that Jupiter, FL doesn't afford many boarding opportunities; perhaps you and Bryon could come up and do a mission's trip here...Part of the mission can get us out in some you think Dan will buy it?!?


"premature" mid-life crisis??? I thought THAT was the reason you went to plant a church :)

Bill LaMorey


I better seek counseling...thanks!


So in a change to my usual positive feedback to you (LOL)…....

The leadership team had better start planning to have live links from the hotel to the University Health Center on Sundays if you're going to start snowboarding eh!! I wonder if preaching through a full-body plaster cast is possible?? Look man, WHAT'S WRONG WITH STAMP COLLECTING?? - or you could always come to JFK or Newark with me to spot those big metal birds.

Maybe the ultimate deterrent however is that, if fall on your badonkadonk and incapacitate yourself, the congregation may be subjected to sermons in proper “British” English or else that "language" that Luke Foxworthy Layow utters.

Bill LaMorey


Thanks for your suggestions and your hilarious concerns and insights.

My past hobbies (reading, writing, collecting comics, playing guitar and sleeping) were all too sedentary. I really need to be more active. I suppose I could select something more transitional (like ping-pong), but I'm feeling a need for speed...

In the event that I am incapacitated I'd like to go on record as stating that I'd like you to teach a series...however, you will need to provide English to American-English dictionaries so every can "tessellate" with you. -Bill


Bill, I bought a new board/bindings a couple years ago (before getting married) and have only used them on one ski trip. You are more than welcome to have them if you would like. The only fly in the ointment would be your height and shoe size (length and width of the board). So if you are serious about snowboarding, let me know and the board/bindings are yours!

Bill LaMorey

Lemmings (Brian),

That is amazing...and VERY generous of you!!!
I'll contact you by e-mail.

Michelle Barella

The equipment is not the only expensive thing. You have to pay to ride the slopes also. They need money to run those lodges you know. i won't be visiting you in the hospital. :)

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