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November 05, 2006


Michelle Barella

I came by today to see if you had any posts up for voting today. I voted! Guess you are keeping the blog non-political. That is so unlike you. :)

Bill LaMorey


Congratulations on voting! I guess you can say I've "evolved" in my understanding of the role of politics in ministry and/or vice versa. I believe as a Christian, every person has the right to have political convictions and should vote in a prayerful way. Having said that, I also believe there is a greater King worth fighting for, and I just want to pick my battles and expend my energy wisely. Thus I am much more intentionally private now about politics.

Barry Kirby

So, in other words you backed a loser?

Bill LaMorey

Very funny Barry! I'm tempted to call you a piece of work...but I learned at church this weekend that you're really a work of art!!!


Bill, I believe firmly that an individual can be both a work of art and a piece of work. In Barry's case (as well as yours and mine, frankly), both elements of our nature are not mutually exclusive!!!

Michelle Barella

Got it! I agree by the way. Political blog topics would just take the attention away from more important things. Hope you and the girls are well! Send them my love.

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