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February 23, 2007



Interesting article. Perhaps things are up because the launch model is being taken seriously. Keep up the good writing.

Eric Wright

I wish I had seen this before I planted my first church. I ended up staying six years, but I was beaten up by the end of my first year because I felt I must be doing something wrong. It was tough. I stuck it out, but would have quit if God had opened another door.

Now, as I begin my second church plant, I am more grounded and more aware of some of the realities.

Bill LaMorey

God bless you and your work, Eric!


Bless you Bill. Encouraging words! Ed is great although I'd love to see some data from here in the UK. Church attendance figures are nothing like the US - largest church is 4000 people (some 2000 more than second place). Vast majority of churches are less than 50 people.

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