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February 02, 2007



Bill, you may want to consider the latest version of the Macbook or Macbook Pro. They're excellent, solid, well-built computers and because of the Intel processor (sorry for the geek speak) you can also run a version of Windows on them! If there is an Apple Store near you I'd recommend you go there and check those laptops out.

Bill LaMorey


I knew the Mac-evangelists would jump on this one! If I did get a Mac (again) I'd have to eat a heaping helping of humble pie. But for conversation's sake, what are the biggest differences between the MacBook and the Pro? Also, w/ the new Intel processor, does that allow me to run all my PC software on it (THAT would be a huge selling point for me).


To follow up on Brian's comment, the real issue is would you be comfortable on the Mac? And what caused you to switch away from Apple previously?

I am a very satisfied Mac user. However, if you're not going to be comfortable and open to switching, it is a moot point. We can talk more this weekend if you want the whole sales pitch, but yes you can run Windows on a Mac.

Bill LaMorey


Price was a factor at the was prudent for me to return. But the prices seem comparable to the ones I'm considering.

Getting used to the short-cuts was frustrating factor. But I could adapt.

My BIGGEST issue was not being able to run my current software over my computer. But if I can run all of my current software on a Mac -all of a sudden, I'm leaning forward in interest...

jason berggren

MAC! MAC! MAC! I'll be honest, they still have problems. Just not as many.

Cowboy uhp 'n git yirself uh mac!


Wow that was fast! The Macs have really shown up in full force. I work on non-Mac computers at work and at home, but dream of owning a Mac.

Luscious 305

954 -
If you are even considering a Mac, should I vamp up a fundraising campaign? They are proud of that little Apple!

mike macon

I use a Dell, and love it; it replaced a Toshiba I had for eons. I've never had a problem with my Dell, and in fact wound up buying my wife one for HER.

That being said, for purely multimedia applications, Macs are probably the best platform. Check out for a Linux/FSF perspective on the Mac-vs.-PC issue...

mike macon, I'm pretty sure that Bob Franquiz is a Macophile... ;D

mike macon

Also (I should fully finish my comment before hitting "post"), you should be able to run all your Windows apps on the new Macs - since the chip architecture is Intel (check out

I use the venerable Logos 2.0c Bible study software suite, and it'd be a bummer if I had to ditch it to go Mac... but with the ability of modern Macs to run Wintel stuff, that's no longer an issue.

My next 'top may very well have that cute little bitten-into Apple(TM) on it, after all...

chris g

you know what they say, once you go mac, you never go back! i recommend a new black macbook. i looks great, runs great plus it has a built in web-cam.

Bill LaMorey

Holy cow! The Mac-addicts are out in full force!!! Where is the PC crowd representing? After all you DO make up over 90% of the market share.

So, the plot clots...I went to the Apple store today...and that may have steered me away. Fine machines, BUT it is my understanding that to run my Windows-based software I have 2 options. 1 is a shareware program called Bootcamp that allows you to boot up the machine as a PC or a Mac (why bother) and the other is a software called Parallel (that let's you run a simulated PC in a Mac environment). My issue is that I need to run multi-media software thru Windows-based software and I don't think this will work.

For those who say, just switch to Mac software, I've got too much $ tied up in software to make that a responsible decion.'s tough!


Bill, Macbooks are Apple's laptops designed for consumer use and the Macbook Pro is designed for professional use.

You may want to visit and check out the online Apple Store to get more info.

I did hear David Lawrence (late-night radio tech guru) say the other night that he likes Dells and Toshiba laptops, but the Sony Vaio had a number of problems. I looked at Dell's website today for the fun of it and they are selling IntelCore2 processor laptops with Vista...which would be musts for me to purchase a new Windows laptop period.

Rudy Garrido

Head on over to Apple Chapel and buy yourself a nice macbook with 1GB Ram and the DVD Burner and your all set. And order a side of Pie. :)

Blessed are the Humble for their computers shall not crash.

Mike "The Stewman" McCauley

Being someone who has sold, and worked on laptops, and worked for churches and their AV departments, I would stick to what you know.. Not to necessarily promote any one brand, but Dell does have an XPS line that I feel is pretty comparable to a vaio like laptop. Even better, Dell has a pretty good outlet link on their site.. I bought 2 laptops last year for my wife and I and together cost under $1000. You have to keep checking that site since it changes day to day.. Also, all the churches I've worked for used PC based hardware vs mac with Mediashout. Not sure if Mediashout makes a version for Mac.(they may).
Don't get me wrong, Macs have always been superior machines. But so was the Sony Betamax.

Bob Franquiz

What's up Stew?

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