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April 18, 2007


john umland

Hi Bill
this is terrible. we need to keep praying for our Father's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.
regarding your conclusion...from what i've read he did have some church background. the church won't prevent sin, but it can bring comfort to those who mourn.
God is good

Bill LaMorey


I agree; the church cannot prevent sin. And certainly we have the ministry of comforting that needs to take place -especially to those most personally effected.

The blame-game began the same day this happened and the battlelines are being drawn. People see this as a political wake-up call, and are acting accordingly. My point is that it is even more important for Christians to see it as a spiritual wake-up call and fight the good fight.
As Christians we cannot prevent each act of evil that takes place, but if we take our mission seriously (and fight the right battle) we can partner with God to help change the trajectory of some people's lives on Earth and into eternity. Who knows what the cumulative effect of that might be?
Times like these just remind us how dark dark can be and why we need to leverage every opportunity to let Christ's light shine through as a beacon of hope.


Well said! These indeed the last days and as servants of Jesus we need to be in full armor fighting the enemy for the souls of people rather than our own rights. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


Hey Bill.. the thoughts are running parallel.. Ryan Couch wrote an article for his local paper and posted it on smp.. it echoes your post..

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