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June 27, 2007




What are some implications for...

* your leadership from the book?
* your preaching from the book?
* you church as a whole from the book?

Would love to read your thoughts. Good blog! Keep up the hard work up there!

chris g

i like that mcmanus... hes a miami boy!

Bill LaMorey

Yeah Chris, gotta give props to my homies in S.F.!


Good questions. Here are some initial thoughts...

My job is a spiritual architect, and my leadership needs to diligently plan and pursue the actualization of the unique faith community that God wants to establish here.

The church:
If we are going to be a truly effective "unstoppable force" then we can't dumb down the expectations in the name of grace, but rather create a radical minimum standard for all who want to be a part (read ch-10 for more on that)

That's where most of the communication of spiritual architecture, minimum radical standards and much more needs to be initially vocalized.


great thoughts, i think i've read it almost 3 times... it's a keeper!

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