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June 23, 2007


jason berggren

I feel a pain in my chest...

Michelle Barella

i dont knoe whether to laugh or be scared?!?

Bill LaMorey


Reading one of his tracts is kind of like watching one of the "Scream" films; so both reactions are appropriate.

Rod Pearcy

I remember handing out chick tracks on the streets of Las Vegas when I was a teenager. It was my first experience with witnessing and street evangelism.
Those tracks still hold a special place in my heart too. (even if they are a little B-Movie-ish)


I too used to hand those out, thinking way back when: Oh yeah, these tracts REALLY break it down!

A few years ago, an article was written on Jack that goes to great lengths to find out just who Chick is; here it is:

It's very good & interesting.

Bill LaMorey

Rod & Luis,

I used to hand them out as well (I even put the Halloween tracts in trick or treaters bags)until my friends did an intervention to stop me.


I was thinking about what that intervention looked like: Bob, Jason, and the lovely Rebecca stop you on the way to an EE meeting, with you ridiculously defending yourself: I'VE GOT IT UNDER CONTROL, ALLRIGHT????? BESIDES, TODAY'S YOUTH NEEDS TO FIND OUT THE IRREFUTABLE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, THE NIV BIBLE, THE EASTER BUNNY RABBIT, AND THE TRI-LATERAL COMMISSION!!!!!

Bill LaMorey


That is HILARIOUS; you really have a beat on JTC!!! And funny enough, Bob and Jason were the intervention team, but that happened before the lovely Rebecca came into my life. It had to because she doesn't use the King James translation, and that wouldn't have worked while I was under Jack's tutelage.


Further hilarity here: I was on a Debate school trip when I was 16 and the bus stopped for gas, and we climbed off to realize that we were parked right next to a store that sold ALL of JTC's tracts. They were all lined up in bins, 10 cents a piece. I flew thru there like I had wings. I have never been so happy until I discovered "Hot Chicks" -- which is a film of 9 Chick Tracts, image for image, word for word. Allow me to share this joy: You will thank me!

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