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July 19, 2007


Rod Pearcy

My Buddy David Jeremiah has a collection of these from a few years back, before they were in Wal Mart.
You've got to get the new "Rapture Jesus"!

Rudy Garrido

And for the Girls they could do Lot's wife and have her transform into a pillar of salt. That would be cool. :)

Bill LaMorey


Rapture Jesus sounds sweet!


Lot's wife sounds cool. I'd also like to see Deborah in the ladies collection (complete w/ tent spike).


Actually, after Mego went out of business the molds for their bodies were used to produce a line of Bible action figures.

Not to mention Judah of the Macabees, a Hebrew super hero figure.

Neither were particularly popular with kids, go figure.

Bill LaMorey


Thank you for that tidbit of toy history, that is fascinating. And I can kind of see why the toys weren't popular...

jason berggren

I didn't remember that you wrote this. I don't mind them, actually. Although your summary is hilarious.

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