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July 03, 2007


Rudy Garrido

Ouch! Very Humbling.

I only got 38%.

Oddly, I did very well at GUESSING medical and religion questions.

It was really hard not to cheat.

I would sum up the whole experience with the following...

Random question of which you may have heard or read something about but too detailed to know for sure?

A. Best guess option. Sounds right but probably isn't.

B. Worst Guess option. Obviously not an option (unless they are trying to trick me. hmmmm).

C. The Answer you select because you THINK you know it but happens to be WRONG!

D. The one you wanted to put in the first place but decided not to... ARG!

Bill LaMorey


I was humbled as well; I scored 46.

Sadly, much of that was from guessing...

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