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December 27, 2007



Hi Bill,

Thanks for your comments on the Word of Promise Audio Bible. It has been an awesome project to be working with for the last couple of years. More coming with the Old Testament/Full Bible by Fall of 2009.

Hey for all who want to experience the Word of Promise more, I'd suggest checking out the Official Website

Also, we offer a cool program that allows the customers who buy from us to donate 10% of the purchase back to churches. Its called our Pay it Forward Program. You should check this out - tons of churches are getting ready to be paid their first checks and will be blessed the checks show up in the mail. Great way for our company to honor God through our business by giving back to churches wherever the people that purchase from us go.

Thanks again for the comments on the product and I hope you truly enjoy this and it makes a huge impact on your life!

The Word of Promise Team

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