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February 27, 2011



Giving up country music is a great idea. My other suggestions: give up crocheting, curling, or coffee. It's seems like last year a lot of people gave up coffee.

But seriously, I've been thinking about lent, too. Not sure what to give up. Sweets maybe? Chocolate? Or maybe I'll read through the New Testament again like I did last year.


Just to be clear, country music was a joke as I willingly and gratefully give it up EVERY day! :)

I have landed on TV/Movies. Should be a bit of a challenge for me...

Let me know what you decide on, and I'll pray for you.

Brian Leonard

I wish you told me you were catching the Trotters. I would have joined you! Maybe you've given up me for Lent.

Bill LaMorey

Yeah sorry, someone offered free tix. Of course I'm not giving you up for Lent -but I am giving up TV and movies, so we'll have to find a new hang out activity! :)

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