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February 28, 2011


momma fox

Last year I also gave up FB. It was pretty much a breeze. I didn't even sign right back on at Easter. So I'm trying to think of something a bit more difficult for me this year that would be an actual legitimate sacrifice. As trivial as this sounds, I may be giving up make up. Completely. Even foundation. I am super self conscious without it so it would be something that is actually difficult for me. (Ryan sure thinks it's a good idea.)


Those are great ideas, Bill and Bethany! I'm thinking of giving up shopping for all but the necessities. No new books, no new clothes, no new toys/games, no new cars, no new nothing - except food, soap, gas, and toilet paper. And I think I will read through the NT again.

Bill LaMorey

I'll pray for you both, Bethany and Mandy.

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