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April 27, 2011



Those are all great things, Bill! I was reminded in the Biblical Counseling Class this past week that nothing can substitute for personal focus on spiritual growth and heart change/renewal - that as we grow in relationship with God, abiding in Him, we bear much fruit. I hope you will all take care of yourselves spiritually first! We sheep may try to demand that you give up that time for us, but just say "no!"

Bill LaMorey

Thanks for the reminder, Mandy. Yeah, for any of the technical/practical improvements (which is the focus of this post) to be effective there has to be the primacy of our spiritual growth. [I tend to write this blog more from a practices/technical standpoint so it might come off as if I don't consider or value the spiritual-formation side. That isn't the case; its just usually not the focus of the writing here.]

Re: sheep demanding time...It is essential for all leaders of the church to remember that while we lead sheep, we also ARE fellow sheep, and still need to be led and fed by the Great Shepherd too!

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