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May 01, 2011


Brian Leonard

One small problem with church attendance is that the West Hartford Little League chooses to hold its opening ceremonies on Sunday morning ( With 850 kids, many churches throughout town were a little lighter on attendance Sunday morning.

Bill LaMorey

Yeah, another challenge with ministry in New England. In the south they wouldn't have these events on a Sunday morning, but here it doesn't really matter since most people don't believe in God! :)

Brian Leonard

Do you really believe that? MOST New Englanders don't believe in God?

Bill LaMorey

If you define "belief" as an active faith, then definitely! Even if you stick to just the cerebral, it might be greater than 50%, but New England falls well below the national average. For example, check out this map:

Click "Belief in God or universal spirit" under the beliefs and practices map. You'll see states in the south (Bible belt) have an average of 81% that believe w/ absolute certainty. Whereas the New England states are the lowest in the US w/ 50-60% that believe w/ absolute certainty.

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