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May 31, 2011



At my last church we introduced a children’s worship service that ran concurrently with the adult worship service. We noticed a couple of things in addition to the points mentioned above.

1. Giving children age appropriate worship goes a long way in getting to the spot where children drag their parents to church rather than the other way around. Engaging worship for children looks very different than engaging worship for adults.

2. You can substantially increase the seating capacity of your sanctuary when the children have their own worship service in the gym. This means your church is free to grow another 50% or so without the need of another building project. Keep in mind that if your parking lot can’t handle the additional capacity this won’t work – new people can’t go to your church if they can’t get to your church.

Bill LaMorey

Thanks for your comments; you make some great points. Especially about the space issues. Funny enough I'll be mentioning in tomorrow's posts how kids often drag their parents to church when they love the kids' ministry! You never hear the same stories about kids forced to sit in the adult services.


I'm a parent of two completely different children. I call them night and day. My first was easy to leave in Sunday school the second child ...thinks he's a growth on my hip. We were in the "nursing family section" durring calvary's church (which I loved) for over twelve months. (We moved away for six months -church we attended had no childrens service and my 12 month old would just RUN down the main isle out the church door. Possible candidate for track and field.) Back home in the States and at Calvary It has taken a month but my second child is now staying through the service without screaming the whole time. He even seems to enjoy it by the time I pick him up! All this to say what an amazing blessing it is to sit through an adult service, focused and giddily realize at the last song that my Childs name hasn't been put on the scream to get him from Sunday school. Such a time of edifying peace. It's a good policy.

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