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July 06, 2011


Steven Long

Hello Bill - just got connected to your blog through Twitter. I am a church launcher too :) We started Ridgeline Church in the spring of 2008. We actually put our best series in the summer months. So, we used Andy Stanley's, 'Faith, Hope, and Luck,' and now we're heading into 'Transformed - Everything Changes' It's a 4-part prophecy/end times series. Our final "Summer Blockbuster Series" is titled, 'APEX.' It's how the church started in Acts 1-3 and what we're doing practically to disciple new believers. The point is, I've found that if you put some exciting stuff together for summer, many people stick around and you capture new people who have just moved into the area! Blessings - Steven

Bill LaMorey

Hey Steven,

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

You are absolutely right about summer. We've found that we grow every summer too. People look around and if a lot of other churches are "keeping it simple" over the summer you tend to stand out when you keep quality/standards high.

So glad to hear about Ridgeline. You've passed the dreaded 2-year mark so it sounds like you guys are well on your way! :)


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