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April 09, 2014


jason berggren

This was excellent. Thank you old friend. Old CCFL friend.

Bill LaMorey

Thanks, Jason. I'll never forget when you first scowled at me there. :)

Bob Franquiz

Great post Bill!

Justin Boatwright

you completely read my heart and mind - or better stated - I'm at the same place you are in this process - Thanks Pastor Bill

Bill LaMorey

Thanks, Bob.

Justin, may God meet us both here, my friend. Blessings.

Lisa Cervone

Thank you Bill! Yours and Bob's posts have been refreshing for my soul. They have reminded me that we are not alone! We love you!

Lisa Cervone

I want to share this on Facebook for my friends to read, but I can't figure out how to do it!

Bill LaMorey

We love you too, Lisa!

You can share by hitting the FB button below or copying the URL and pasting into a FB post.

Doug Rasku

Excellent words, Bill. Thanks for sharing.

Bill LaMorey

Thanks, Doug.

Stephen Young

Well said Pastor Bill. Hard to talk about, but a lot healthier than not dealing with it.


Thanks so much. It's hard for people to understand but you and Bob have put words to my emotion.

John Sullivan

Thanks Bill. Carol and I continue to pray for you and your family. God is in control. Keep your eyes on Him not the world. We are praying for Pastor Bob and Diane and the kids. We miss you guys but as I told Bob Franquis we thank God He is using you both to let the whole world know

Joe Wilkens

Thanks Bill, well said. I'd give you a big hug if we were hangin' out together. I had been thinking of you over the last couple of weeks and couldn't find you on FB. Miss ya, Bro.

Robert Fountain

Very well put, Bill. I've been praying for all of you who look to Bob as your spiritual Dad. I was ordained and sent from there in 1993, but it's different for me, because I was in Miami Beach as a missionary already working with YWAM at the time. My relationship with Bob is not the same as that of the many for whom his ministry was so instrumental in their own rescue. For you guys, this is so very personal. Thanks for being transparent.

Your thoughts should bear good fruit in many lives.

Bill LaMorey

Thank you guys for sharing your thoughts here. A lot of us are trying to get our heads around this. Writing this was helpful in processing to me and I feel very blessed that others found it helpful to.

PS: Joe, come on up to CT and give me a hug, dude!

Wendy Grant

Thanks Bill. All these emotions are very real and living so far away from CCFTL during this time can make one feel all alone. Thank you Bill and Bob Franquiz for such wonderful words of wisdom.

Linda Nickerson

Very well said, Bill. You are right, things can never be the same. I'm looking forward, however, to what marvelous things God WILL do in this situation.

Terri Petro Crites

Bill, Thank you so very much, I have been so struggling to understand my own reaction.....denial and now depression, I didn't connect it with grief. Pastor Bob's teaching and ministry has been the foundation of my relationship with Christ. Since we were behind Albertsons. Up to and Including my recent visit this February. I am so struggling with this.Thank you Bill, again you spoke Truth and comfort.

scott saunders

Bill, a fantastic post. I have to lean on the old staple, Romans 8:28, "ALL THINGS work together for good....." At least Bob's out and dealing with the demons. In Christ all things are possible. well that might not mean bob will ever return 2 calvery chapel fort lauderdale it will mean that Bob will heal and be made whole again in the forgiveness of christ. Hopefully everyone can forgive as Christ has forgiven each of us.This is a reminder of the spiritual battle we are to prepare for daily. Armor not underwear!


Well said brother...know that we at Calvary Chapel South Los Angeles are praying for you all and for Bob and his family. We rejoice with you all as well as weep with you all. We love you all!

John Koontz

Excellent post Bill. For all have sinned & fall short of the Glory of God. Only Jesus is perfect & Jesus is the Glory of let us keep our eyes upon Jesus.


God strengthen you all during this tremendously difficult time. When we are at our lowest, let us look to the Rock, that will never be shaken.

Colleen Tress

Great husband has a very similar story to yours as far as how Calvary and Pastor Bob has influenced him and he is right where you are as well. I appreciated this read and will forward this to him.

Bill Borregard

Good Words Pastor Bill.
Bill Borregard

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